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America Is At War!

It’s not a new concept. In fact, since the Declaration of Independence the United States has been at war for over half the time it has existed, and for about four of those years, between 1861–1865, it fought itself.

Violence and warfare are endemic to the American ethos. Think about…

Politics | Satire

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Is anyone else tired of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of media stories exclaiming the decline of America or of the American dream? Is the dream really dead? Are we really witnessing America going into the toilet?

Much has been written on the failure of its economics, health, and, don’t even…

Politics | COVID-19

Chart showing red and blue states from 2020 election, with red states having overwhelmingly lower vaccination rates.
Vaccination rates relative to 2020 vote (Post Data, Washington Post)

There is little dispute that democracy in America is a mess. Partisanship has itself become a dog whistle for lawlessness, where gun-toting students harass their teachers in class for providing a balanced view of events. America has become a country where states flout long established national decisions and a partisan…

Jack MacDonald

Concerned citizen. Critical thinker. Veteran. Consumer of knowledge. Making things better. Getting stuff done.

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